How to P _ss of a Rooster.


11 Years
Dec 11, 2010
My hen was limping. I tried to catch her earlier today but she kept running. So I decided to wait till dark.
Yeah right.
I get her and she screams. Out comes my rooster.
He is always sweet to me. Was he tonight? Oh H _ _ L NO.
He attacks me. I kick him away and he keeps coming. I am reaching for the lock behind me. As my hen is screaming help me help me. WOW I now know what they mean about a Rooster is for fertilizing eggs and PROTECTION. Because even in the dark he came after me. But I did check her no bumblefoot. So she must have sprained it. Because beside limping she is eating drinking, and looking for bugs. But oh my at my roo.
Although you are probably annoyed with him, I would be delighted to know that if anything got into your pen at night and started working on your girls he would come after them with a vengeance! As long as he is still nice in the daytime....
Lucky you! Good roo!
Oh I am not mad with him. He hates my DH always tries to attack him. But my DH hates him too. So he does not go in his coop. But he loves me. I am very proud of him. It just shocked me. He is a Minorca. My RIR roosters dont do that. He has alway been my boy. Just know now to be on guard if I have to do it again. He is such an awesome rooster.

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