How to position eggs with floating air sacs in a Brinsea Mini?

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    I recently ordered my first mail-ordered hatching eggs, and I've seen plenty of people suggest that I incubate the ones that arrive with a floating air sac by standing them fat end up in a cut out egg carton in my incubator. How does one do that with a Brinsea mini that automatically turns the eggs? Is such a thing possible? Any photos? I've also read that perhaps I should not allow those eggs to be turned for the first couple of days. Anyone with experience with that?

    Thanks for any help. My eggs arrive tomorrow and I want to be prepared as much as possible. I know I need to allow them to rest fat side up for 24 hours, but I'm not sure how to set them properly in the bator.

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    Hi there.
    With the brinsea mini it is set up so the eggs are Lying on their sides.
    There is nothing you can do about this as this is the way it is set up.
    You don't turn eggs for the first 24 hours.
    After that you turn from then to the end of day 18.
    From day 19 the turning should be turned off and the humidity should be higher.
    This is a picture of the incubator from the brinsea website,
    Showing the way the eggs should be set up.
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