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    Apr 12, 2011
    A week ago last Friday I caught a little 6 week old chick that was limping and have been keeping him in a birdcage in the house. We can't see what's wrong but it seems to be in the leg/body joint . The leg would be extended behind him until he 'hopped' and brought it back under him again. We had hoped just resting would take care of the problem. He's been eating/drinking fine, sits on a perch in the cage although he does get wobbly at times. I have a feather duster in with him he enjoys snuggling in a bit or sitting on it (Thank you to whoever posted that a few months ago!). We put him in a box this morning to see how he was doing. He does seem better but still not well enough to put outside and survive. His 12 siblings and mom are still all hanging out together, staying away from the other chickens for the most part.

    My question is what to do about the chick with the weather getting colder now. Today and tomorrow is forecasted to be in the high 40's but then dropping into the high 30's for the rest of the week and I doubt the days will be warmer for some time... like months!

    I'm afraid he won't be acclimating for colder temperatures (getting denser feathers) and will get sick when put back outside. I've thought about putting him in a larger wire cage and keeping him in the coop where it's warmer because of the sun (the coop has a large southern window) and protection from wind for another week rather then continue to keep in indoors.

    Do you think that would be the best way to go? He hasn't been around the other chickens so perhaps this would give them a chance to get used to him so he won't be attacked when he's put out of the cage although I would try to release him when his family was nearby.

    He's such a sweetie... I had no idea a chicken would sit and sing like a little parakeet. Hubby is not excited about keeping him inside as a pet and I can't say I am either. I can't have him put down, though, after listening to him and seeming happy.

    Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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