How to properly introduce new duck to flock


9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
Henderson, NC
I adopted a male blue runner duck today and have him in a quarantine pen where he'll remain for the next couple weeks.

My question is How should I go about introducing him to the female runner I have now.

FYI, the are both about 12 weeks old.
Since you only have one other duck the introduction will be different than if you had a larger flock. When introducing a newbie to a larger flock I usually have them seperated for a day or two and then let them run with the others since they will usually stay with the flock and i dont have too many problems .

But for this situation i suggest having him inn a smaller pen during the day in your regualr ducky pen. That way the two can see each other and you can gadge their reactions to one another. After about 3 -4 days you could start letting them have supervised meeting so they can establish who is boss.
that is exactly what I was thinking..just wanted a second opinion.


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