how to raise friendly chicks?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by mustangsaguaro, Apr 29, 2011.

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    All of my adult birds aren't that friendly. In otherwords you can't pick them up. However when I call them and have treats they come running. I now have some day old chicks and want to know I'd like to have at least 1 or 2 of them be very friendly as adults. What's the trick to having them be really friendly and sit in your lap/follow you around as adults? I know spending time w/ them is the key. But the question is how much time is needed every day for this? I have 2 silkies and 5 or 6 Ameraucana's. I want at least one of the silkies and one of the Ameraucana's to be more friendly than my now current adult birds. Any tips/tricks would be greatly appreciate.

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    There are lots of threads on here, even some BYC pages I think. I think the trick is getting them to stand on your hand or knee without scaring them by grabbing them. A lot of that has to do with approaching them at their level with palm up (holding a treat if they are interested) rather than reaching from above which makes them think a predator is after them. I'm making a point of doing this at least AM and PM with my current bunch -- seems to be working. Lots of my older ones can really only be handled off the roost at night, too, though I have a few pets.

    I'm sure you'll find or get lots of other ideas.
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    My older ones were the same. We had some issues and didnt get as much bonding time as we should have. I hang out with them when they free range, and feed them grass and leaves. My BR's now let me pick them up and hold them. I can catch most of them and they let me hold them now too. Just takes some time. I have been trying to handle the babies more and make sure they get treats from me.
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    Give them lots of love [​IMG].. That being said their are just some chicks meant to be little brats.. I have one, held & socialized like the others, but shes EVILLLLLLL!
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    Okay hear my story out. So its been 7 months since i've got my first 3 chicks. 1 was a hen and 2 turned out to be roosters ( stupid shiptons). Any way I just gave them lots of love and scocilized with them alot so they wouldn't be scared of me. Heres some tips.
    1. Okay before you approach them make a noise like whistling so they know its just you and you don't startle them.
    2. Do not be rough with them. Just hold them in your hand, stroke their feathers, and speak to them softly
    Don't bother them or else they will pass you off as a scary person for the rest of their lives.
    If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.

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