How to reduce high blood pressure? Ideas needed, please!

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Most of my adult life I've had good blood pressure numbers, in the low to normal range. Never gave it much thought, whenever my BP was taken during checkups & blood donations I always heard good numbers. But about a year ago, when at a clinic for strep throat, I was told my BP was high. And it's been high ever since.

I was told it can go up due to age & stress. Yup, I've got plenty of both of those. But I've got no $$$ or medical insurance, so haven't sought treatment before now.

My pastor gave me some $$$ to see a doctor yesterday, who gave me a prescription to take daily that's supposed to reduce my BP. And she also told me to exercise daily, something I don't like to do during the summer's misery. I really dislike tedious repetitive exercise, & much prefer to work out by gardening, tending the chickens, & building new coops. But now I'll have to get over that for the sake of my health.

What else can I do to reduce my blood pressure? I try to eat a fairly healthy diet, mostly whole grains, balanced, low-fat/salt/sugarsugar, limited amounts of processed or refined foods. I am overweight, and know I should do more to improve my diet & get to a healthy weight. I do eat a lot of good farm-fresh eggs and home-grown chicken!

I'm also trying to relax more, think more happy & positive thoughts, and keep my mind from exploring dark corners. I'm sure it helps to take time & watch my new baby chicks & ducks bopping around their pens. I can feel the tension lift every time I am near them.

Please let me know what you've learned that helps lower a person's blood pressure.
Well you sound like me.

A solid hour every day of heavy breathing exercise will bring it down.

Stop eating anything after 4PM at night.

It will come down.
the cardiologist told me no more than 0.4g of sodium per hundred grams in my food
(or 1g salt)
so check your labels

also, weight loss helps, as does exercise.

pomegranite juice is good, as are onions.
You sound just like me, I always had good numbers until I gained some weight, got older, had another baby, and added more stress.
I am on medicine, but I have a goal to be off soon. I just watch what I eat, and am putting the baby in a stroller everyday and taking a walk for about half an hour. I think if I could do this and lose even 20 pounds it might help.

Also I heard Apple Cider Vinegar or Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth can help.
Losing weight and cutting down on your sodium intake will most likely make all the difference in the world. It's amazing how many of our health problems are related to the spare tires we are all carrying at our waistline.
On the meds...... don't discount them yet, they can help get you started. See if the doc can prescribe something off the $4/$10 list at walmart. Enalapril/Vasotec is an older med that's good, few side effects and for many it works better than the new meds. I pay $10 every 3 months for mine and that's without insurance. That's it.

If you don't like repetitive exercise, start walking. Go where ever you want for at least an hour a day.
Food.... Try changing meal strategies. I have a very small breakfast, mid day snack, small lunch, mid afternoon snack, reasonable dinner and if I'm still hungry I'll have a snack around 8 pm.... NOTHING else. I'm totaling 1500 calories this way and don't feel the need to eat all the time. Lost 15 pounds so far, 30 more to go. Snacks include dried fruit, popcorn, nuts.... Lunch is 2 boiled eggs and a serving size of triscuts, breakfast is a granola bar (it's the only thing I can stomach in the morning), dinner is usually several veggies, sometimes whole grain pilaf, sometimes meat, usually beans of some sort.
I'm not doing it for the BP though, I'm tired of being heavy! My BP will always be bad due to bad genetics, diet/exercise/weight/stress management have not influenced it over the years we've been trying to get it under control.
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You need to get your heart rate up and keep it there for atleast 1/2 hour 3 times a week in order to exercise you heart. It will also help to make you less stressed. Limit sodium & practice relaxation, add a additional serving of fruit or veggies to each of your meals. Now, if I would just follow my own advice
A brisk walk for half an hour each you're in a hurry to get somewhere. You can always play an audio book to help you with the boredom of walking. Plenty of water. Garlic tablets are great for lowering BP.

Green, leafy veggies, limit red meats and polyunsaturated fats and complex sugars.

Plenty of rest....a full night's sleep. Go to bed early, get up early, establish a routine.

Look for happiness, let go of old grudges and hurts, forgive those who offend you, help others~this is a great way to lower stress/BP.

Stop drinking coffee, pop, sweet tea.

Since no one else has mentioned you take ibuprofen? It can help raise the blood pressure. Use acetaminophen instead. Also increasing your intake of potassium can help bring it down as well. But by far the single best thing you can do for yourself is to lose 10 pounds. Not an impossible task and it DOES have a measurable effect.



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