How to save money on chicken feed?

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  1. chasiekitten12

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    Aug 19, 2014
    What are some ways to save money on feed?
    Also, what kind of feed do you get?
    How long does it last you? And, how many chickens do you have?
    How many pounds is your bag?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Percheron chick

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    Apr 12, 2013
    Boulder, Colorado
    Free ranging is the easiest way to save on feed. Mine will eat less than 1/2 their normal feed when they are out during the day. Giving them all your kitchen scraps, cleaning out the freezer and cupboards will help. Start a garden with vegetables you can supplement their diets with. I grow lots of extra winter squash. It will keep for months and you can cut one open every few days. If you have friends that homebrew, you can give them the spent grains. A compost pile can be a great source of food. They naturally attract larvae and worms. I've never done it but mealworms are cheap to raise. Don't try to replace their layer with these. It will cut into your egg production as the extras are often low protein, low calorie.

    I stick with a locally milled 20% protein layer feed. I'm supporting my local farmers and mill, it's fresher, it's cheaper than a national brand, has a smaller carbon footprint and bottom line, I do not see a difference in consumption or production with it. In the winter months, I go through a 50# bag in 7-10 days with 25 chickens (mostly DP hens) and 7 guineas. In the summer than bag lasts over 2 weeks because of my garden and bugs.
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    Yup. Free ranging is the best way to save on feed. Percheron chick hit on all the major ones. I'll add in that fermenting feed makes it last a lot longer. I currently have a BSF bin that should provide the majority of what my hens will eat come spring. I built the bin too late in the year and the BSF have gone dormant.

    I currently feed 50lbs of Layer pellets, 50lbs of Scratch and 50lbs of BOSS all mixed together, no idea how long it will last since I just mixed it up last weekend and was feeding straight layer pellets before that had been given to me (unknown amount, maybe 40lbs). I keep a little of it fermenting in the house so the chicks get a warm breakfast. The rest of the day they free range if we are at home and are fed free choice in the run if we are not.

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