How to secure our coop quickly for storms??

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    Jul 31, 2015
    Vilonia, Arkansas
    We unexpectedly obtained our first chickens, 9 of them-more like a rescue really, 3 days ago. We threw together a "hoop coop" and have been working every moment we have to make the coop comfortable for them. It's an 8'x12'' and right now on cinder blocks with a plywood floor and about 6" of straw, walls and roof are cow fence and chicken wire covered with a tarp, the permanent door will be placed today and their nesting boxes are some 5 gal buckets with hay bedding (these girls lay AWESOME). It's 60-70 degrees here daily so we weren't too concerned about insulation as an "immediate need". -we focused more on food, water, and predator proof. I feel like we got a ton accomplished in 3 days [​IMG]
    Until I looked at the forecast-BIG storms heading to arkansas, 3-4 days of heavy steady rain and high winds. I would almost move the coop to the garage but it's MUCH to heavy. What the heck can I weatherproof this thing quickly and effectively???? Please help!

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    Make sure your tarp is tied down well, especially on the prevailing winds side. A second, larger tarp wouldn't hurt. As long as the tarp does not catch wind, or you are not facing high winds, it should be fine.
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    You can find tie down stakes at the hardware, or make some, and get things attached to the ground. My hoop house is floorless, and easier to manage in wind. Mary
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    Mar 2, 2013
    Mount 2 wheels on one end and a pick point on the other to lift and pull it around like a chicken tractor. I made one that was 9x12 out of 2x4's, PVC water pipe & chicken wire without a floor to pasture mine.could move them in a moment's notice behind a building out of the storms. I also had a tarp for shade.

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