How to sell eggs, broilers, and chicks.

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    I'm a 16 year old from Southwest Iowa and was wondering what I have to do to set up a Facebook page for poultry and to make it a legal business. I have been raising poultry for the last 6 years and won't to expand with a Facebook page to sell broilers, eggs, and chicks. If you know anything or where to find it, it would be a big help.
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    Your talking about selling locally right? If you plan to ship chicks and sell your product across state lines there's more to do. For local selling all you need to do is look into your state laws on selling and butchering meat, selling eggs and see if there is a minimum number of chicks that can be sold at a time. Once you have that information from your state agriculture department- look online at their website and if you can't find the info call them- do the same for your town ordinances. Look online or just call the town clerk and ask about selling meat. The other things wont be a issue with local towns but some do impose their own restrictions on butchering and selling of meat.

    Here's Iowa's Department of Agriculture:

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