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    I have a desire to breed Black Langshans because I hear that the breed is somewhat rare. I currently own two pullets and two cockerels. Is it a good idea to breed these pairs even though I received them from the same hatchery, keep the pullet offspring and purchase a quality rooster to breed with them? Should I attempt some other method? I know it is very likely that the four black langshans are half siblings, first cousins or even full siblings. Is that a concern?

    I know that breeding is a responsibility to the future of that breed. If my black langshans are inferior then they can become weak, sterile or worse they could give a bad reputation to the black langshan.

    I know breeding is as simple as getting one male and one female and harvesting the offspring but I'm sure there are things that I have never even considered. How do guys feel about inbreeding and/or starting with hatchery quality stock?
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  2. I wouldn't start with hatchery stock, for one thing. Unless you have seen MANY pictures of the parents and know that they fit the standards for your breed. If you got your stock from some big company, I wouldn't use them. Big hatcheries usually breed just to make money; not improve the breed. (I have some some Buff Orpingtons who have black in their tail feathers, big no-no.) If yours fit the standard (leg color, plumage color, egg color, ect.) then I would use both the hens and roosters, just in separate breeding pens. Locate a new rooster and a few more hens to use. That way, there isn't any possible inbreeding and you have more stock to work with. Just my opinion, though. Some say breeding from the same hatchery is fine but to me, it's weird. :p Anyways, I hope this helps. :)
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    Sep 17, 2014
    Hubert North Carolina
    Is this a good place to purchase show quality chickens?

    If not, where do you buy show quality chickens?

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    Depends on the breed. There are such stunning Langshans out there. I just got my APA yearbook.
    It has ads in it for that breed from top breeders. You need to train your artist's eye to see quality by looking at correct birds.
    Esp. in your chosen breed. Pick one breed, one variety within that breed ( one color/size ). Then find a top breeder winning in quality competition. Buy a trio from him/her stating you want "foundation quality birds" to start a flock. You want birds which can be bred together. The breeder should choose them for you and help provide counsel for the 1st 3 seasons you are breeding the birds...until you get to know the strain. the American Langshan Club is on Page 297.Only 15. a yr. to join. There are at least 7 ads for Langshan breeders. They come in bantam and large fowl.
    Buy the very best you can afford. Put your hatchery birds in an egg flock. Do not ever cross breed the 2 qualities of bird. They are from 2 different worlds. You can ruin the fien show points in your lovely show stock in one generation. Once you have had the very best, all the others pale in comparison.
    Going to a poultry show is a great way to see the top birds. There are a bunch of historic shows round the country. Any chance you can get to Knoxville to the APA National?
    There's one in Smithfield NC. You can also contact a breeder and arrange to meet them at the show. Just to chat or to pick up birds.

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