How to stop chickens from peck pecking plucking feathers to death

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    Oct 28, 2009
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    There was one chicken when we brought her in, an auracona, that was already missing most of her back feathers. She got a bit better, but then they would go after here again. She was the one that was constantly picked on. They still picked on her here. Plucking her back feathers, but, usually, she was just skittish, but in fine health. They have a hUGE coop, huge run and I give them corn cobs and all sorts of treats or things to pick at to try to keep them busy so they won't resort to bugging eachother as much. Well, yesterday, it was below 0 with the windchill here and they were shut up in the coop all day and my husband went out last night to refeed, water, check on them, adjust the heat lamps, etc, and she was in the corner not moving much and bleeding. We separated her in a big crate in the coop, but she died overnight. All are heartbroken. My questions can you get them all to stop pecking eachothers lower backs and pulling out the base tail feathers? They even do it to the roosters. Or, is this just normal chicken stuff and you have to let them fend for themselves for the most part? Some they don't do it to at all, some they really get after and, obviously, the one they really picked on, they killed. I am worried now that she is gone, they will also start on the other auracona that they tend to go after a bit. Nasty little creatures these chickens! any help would be there a powder or a cream once it starts to show that they are missing some to deter it? Anything at all?
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