How to stop hen from killing other chickens??


May 13, 2015
Last year we got our first chickens, 4, and after some unfortunate events we were down to one. So this year we got four more. After we transitioned them four younger ones in with the older hen (after they were six weeks old) We did everything right that I've read about moving more chickens in. Two ended up with wounds on their backs. We figured it was because they got under the shed. Those two ended up dying. Now another one of the chicks has the same wound but hasn't left the coop. So our only two options are its the heat lamp (I don't know how) or our older hen, Peeps. We just went last night and got six more chicks. They are separate and we are taking the two others out. But what do we do? I'm at a loss.. Any suggestions?? Thanks!!


6 Years
Mar 1, 2013
Louisburg, KS
They're too different in ages to integrate right now, IMO. 6 weeks is just feathered out, transitioning out of the heat lamp. They're still babies and can easily be hurt by an adult. You'll want them closer in size so they aren't so vulnerable for a better integration. Since you're down to one adult, I'd suggest transitioning the chicks to a protected part of the coop as they leave heating (divide the coop, or put them in a secure mini coop next to her coop) to keep them safe from her while letting all parties see and hear each other. Then as they get older the integration should go easier since they have seen and heard each other for a long time.

Someone else may have better ideas to offer; mine live in a barn stall grow out pen until they integrate giving ample opportunity to see/hear each other before they meet on open terms.

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