how to stop rooster fight with other


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Last year I bought several baby chickens from Ideal and turned out I had 10 big rooster and 3 silkie roos, I gave away 6 big roo and now I had 3 left, 1 Buff orpington who had cross beak (upper beak grow to the left, i feel sorry to him, he can only eat fine food because he had to scoop it with bottom beak) and 2 Barred rock, 1 footed feather and 1 clean, BR with footed feather is my favorite roo.

after 6 roos left, 1 BR roo took over all the hens, he peck my other 2 rooster, he peck my favorite roo until bleeding, when I feed them, he didn't let other rooster to eat, I didn;t see him mating with my hens because he is busy watching other roo

should I keep the mean roo in the cage when they play outside therefore my other 2 roo have a change to enjoy his time with my hens?

I had 3 silkies roos but this mean roo didn't attack them.
Also 2 of my silkie roo always fight, they walk together all the time but when they see each other they start fight again, then stop then walk around together then fight again

I guess boys will be boys


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Mar 19, 2008
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thanks for reply, now I had 29 hens and 6 rooster
I had 2 coop, 1 coop for 5 silkies and 1 salmon and other coop for 26 hens (all heavy bred) and 3 rooster

do you think I need to reduce my rooster on the other cage


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Roosters are hard wired to fight for top bird. They do not do well when there is a threat to their place on the totem pole!
This is a matter of genes, instinct, and a roo will fight to his death to keep his girls safe, and that means another roo. 1 roo per pen, and do not allow them to meet up, even if one is a silkies and Rhode Island Red, a roo is a roo.


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Listen. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't have more than one rooster. I have 4 with 14 hens and my flock is perfect. They will fight but that's just roosters. Eventually everyone learns their place. They key is a nice coop, with different "rooms" so everyone has his own domain. My Roos even cuddle at night. Lol


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Right now I have 4 roosters in one flock with very little fighting: I have one big Barnevelder, one large Easter Egger, one Bantam Wyandotte, and one Bantam Ameraucana. Overall, I have 25 hens and each rooster has a harem. Now, I do have a large coop (8x12) with a large attached, totally enclosed secure run (12x16). The Easter Egger and his ladies take up residence on the perches in the run while everybody else is in the coop at night. I let them all out to range in their pasture (180x95) which is shared with my 4 goats every day at sun-up and they return to their perches every night before dusk.

Aside from a bossy guinea rooster , the mix works well now... but didn't when I had a second Easter Egger rooster last year. My Barnevelder was being picked on and run out of the coop and pasture area every day. Needless to say that at my DH's insistence, the offending rooster went to freezer camp and joined us for Thanksgiving dinner

The only issues I have now are with the Wyandotte being bullied occasionally, but he has learned to keep his head low and stay out of the way. I also had BIG trouble when I initially introduced the bantam Ameraucana....he was aggressive and caused major fighting issues. So, I confined him in a wire cage within the run area for a couple of weeks: He could see the other roosters and they could see him. I only let him out after the roosters stopped charging the sides of the cage attempting to attack each other. I have had zero issues with him since his release and he has claimed my 5 blue Andalusians for his ladies. He even perches next to his old arch rival at night for the past several months now

So, I would have to say in my limited experience it comes down to a couple things:
The personality of the individual roosters.
The number of hens you have and which rooster has claimed them.
The square footage of your coop and how many hours they are confined in it.
The amount of room they have to range if they get to do so.

If you have room, you may want to establish some bachelor quarters: I have read about it working for others on the board. Or, you might want to try the rooster jail first. I don't know if it would work for two roosters of the same size since I didn't get to try it with my Easter Egger. Either way, best of luck!


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your feather footed BR is probly a barred cochin, BRs dont have feathered legs.

It will also depend on how big your pen is. My cousin has lots of chickens big and small(among other poultry), and they all free-range, and the roosters will walk around with their own little flocks, not fighting much.


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I have several coops, and several roosters, but they don't all stay in separate quarters. Some roost with others. They do, however, range freely during the day. There's only been one dust-up between two roosters: a very large BCM cross challenged the dominant rooster's position. After the fracas, which was very loud and full of flared crests and feet-first jumps at each other, some feathers flying but NO injury, the challenger "lost" and all has been calm since. He just stays out of the way of the dominant rooster.

Each rooster has his favorite ladies who range around with him. Now and then the dominant rooster will mount one of the Other Guys' gals, I think just to show 'em he IS BOSS.

But there are a LOT of roosters here and nobody has killed or even injured anyone else.

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