How to store duck hatching eggs?

Aug 17, 2019
Middle of North Carolina
I am beginning to collect duck eggs for a 10-12 egg hatch. Manual turning with my Janeol 12 incubator. So far I have one egg and I only get one per day with my one WH female and my one WH male(Yes I know having a pair is bad that is why I’m going to incubate more). I have the egg in a carton with its blunt end up. Is that the best why you store? I read that I need to turn them once a day but I can’t do that with a carton. Should I use a basket and lay the eggs on its sides? The carton is in a cool area. This is my first time actually collecting duck eggs. The first time I hatched them I just collected the whole nest.


Jan 13, 2019
what I would do is put one end of the carton on a thick book for 12 hours, and then move the book so the other end of the carton is up for the next 12 hours.

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Nov 5, 2018
Central West NSW Australia
Yes just tilting the egg carton with a thick book or something and then swapping sides once or twice a day is fine (twice would be good but if you forget and only do it once it's still okay). Remember duck eggs are bigger so you may only fit 9 in a 12 egg incubator. Excited for you to hatch your own!

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