How to teach a duckling to eat from a feeder


Apr 25, 2015
My feeder and watered look alike and "spotty" will not eat from their but she will eat from my hand what can I do pls help
Is this a duckling or an adult? What kind of feeder/waterer are they?

This is for a duckling: Have you tried dipping her bill into the food/water so she can see what's in there and get a taste of the water? Usually when you do that and they get a little drink they figure out what it is. You can also play in the food or water with your finger to attract her attention. Often they will come over to see what you're doing and will peck at it and then figure out whats in there. Good luck! :)
She is 2 days old and she drinks water fine because I dipped her bill in it she has taken some pebbles from it but she freaks out when she can't see me because she is imprinted on me so she try's to get out so she probibly dose not eat but she might

this is spotty I named her that because her feet are spotted
She's adorable!! :)

I think you should try putting the food into her water and making a watery mash for her to eat just now. That's what I start all my ducklings on and they eat it right away. It's also good since she is already drinking. If there's some food mixed into her water she'll still be getting some of the nutrients from the food when she drinks. She'll find the food soon enough on the bottom and go crazy. :)

It's very important to get her eating as soon as possible, so I would make the mash right away for her. You can also add vitamins to her water to help keep her perky until she figures out the eating thing.
Also remember ducklings are fine for the first two days or so. The yolk provides all they need so dont panic. That mash idea is a really great one.
I do have 8 week old ducks that will only eat tomatoes and other fruit treats out of my hand. If I put them in a bowl or on a plate it will sit there all day. Weird ducks.

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