How to tell if a duck egg has quit on day 18?

Jan 18, 2018
Norman, OK
I have 8 Ancona duck eggs that were shipped from NC to OK. All 8 were fertile and have been developing perfectly when candled. However, one egg had no movement when candled on day 18. I checked again this evening and still see no movement in that one egg, although I can see distinct movement in all the others. The egg with no movement has also lost too much weight, while all of the 7 other eggs are right on track with weight loss. The ideal weight loss for the questionable egg was to be about 8.5 grams, but it had already lost a bit over 10 grams by day 15! (None of the other eggs has a weight loss anywhere near this level). This egg still has good veining that I can see and there is no odor, but the fact that it has by far the biggest air cell, no movement, and too much weight loss has me very concerned and suspecting it is no longer alive. If the egg has stopped on day 18, would there still be easily seen veins 24 hours later? Would you recommend doing a water float test? How can I tell if it has indeed quit?

This is my first time incubating eggs and I am very hopeful for little ducklings on or around the 23rd of this month. My incubator (Incuview) has been very consistent and I am very pleased with holding accurate temp and humidity.

Thank you in advance for your input and help. The 8 eggs thank you too! ;)
Well, I didn't need an answer to my question this time because I just candled all the eggs again and the egg I have been so worried about (egg #3) still had excellent veins ... and I saw definite movement more than once! My husband also saw it! So, little egg #3 is still going. It has lost too much weight, has the an air cell significantly bigger than all the others, but the little duckling is still there! These 8 eggs are due to hatch March 23rd and I truly hope they all make it! I am just so relieved to know egg #3 has not quit! :celebrate:yesss: :ya

I am assuming egg #3 has a more porous shell or less bloom than the others and that is the reason it has lost so much weight and has a bigger air cell than the others. This is our first time incubating eggs and we will never look at any egg the same again! :th
I've had hatches, chicken not ducks, where some eggs lose more moisture and have more air cell growth than other eggs. It's maddening for humidity adjustment decisions.

Yes! I am about to pull my hair out! My 8 Ancona eggs are for the most part, right on track with weight loss and air cell growth ... except, for 2 that are lagging behind in weight loss and the one that is already beyond what should be lost and we're just completeing day 20! So 2 behind, one way ahead, and 5 mostly where they should be. Yes, it is making me crazy on humidity decisions! Ugh!
I am worried about my duck eggs. They are from our mama Peking who died (mallard daddy). I had read about leaving eggs out and letting the cool and misting them for about 10 minutes. So I have been doing that everyday... until today when I nodded off. I woke up in a panic about an hour and a half later. Eggs cold... I put them back in. I just checked and 3 of the four are moving with good veins, one I no longer see veins. I am scared I just killed one. I am pretty upset. I really owe it to poor mama duck to try and save her babies... I am so upset I nodded off today. I don't think I will do the thing about leaving eggs out to "cool" again. :(

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