How To Tell If There's A Stuck Egg???

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    We have sort of a dilemma going on- we have a duck who seems to be trying to lay, and nothing's coming out.... but she's taken three poops, and we don't think we can feel anything under her butt fluff!!! We have her in a hot bath. She is eating greens eagerly. But I have a serious question, where exactly would you be able to feel a stuck egg at??? Please reply soon.

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    Oh, and hey- SHE IS COMPLETELY INSANE!!!!!!! If we get within her "forcefield", the distance at which she wants or does not want us at, she'll spread open her beak and hiss like a goose! Is she maybe broody? Please help
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    Jul 24, 2013
    Well, at least with chickens, to check for a stuck egg you lubricate a finger and stick it into their vent. You can also press around their abdomen. If you feel something hard, then its probably a stuck egg. But if sounds like your duck could be broody, and not egg bound. Is she walking normally? (being egg bound can cause birds to walk upright, with their tails down).
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    The duck is walking normally :)))) She perked up a bit, and started resorting to healthier, ducky activities, such as snorffeling, flocking, and drinking water. We felt her abdomen, and there was nothing hard. We suppose she was just broody... Thanks for the help [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Ok, so she's acting perkier today....and we think she laid an egg, because it had a buff colored feather stuck to it [​IMG] and she's our only duck with feathers like that, unless our khaki drake managed to shoot out an egg.

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