How to train a goose


Mar 2, 2015
Siddha farm, NSW, AUS
hello i used that name off how to train a dragon
any way i need some help
i have 2 pilgrim geese and the gander hisses at me any way i was wondering when i can let them out of the coop i want them to come back to it every night like my chooks how long do i have to leave them in there before i cant let them out
note: they dont like me very much
does any one know how to make them like me
Did you acquire your geese as babies or adults? I have found that no matter what, if a gander has a female, no matter the breed, he will hiss, strike, whatever to protect his mate. Do you have a fenced area to release them in? Training to go to the coop is you herding them each evening to their house. Every evening. After a week or less, they will know what you want, but you will still have to herd them as they will go off in another direction and try to stay outside.
i bought them as adults
and if i let them in an area with no roof will they fly away its winter here in aus
i presume they fly they never had there wings clipped
I've never had Pilgrim Geese so am unable to say anything knowledgeable about their flying ability. I've only been a member of
Back Yard Chickens for a day so am not familiar, yet, with the many groups, topics that are here. You may find someone in the goose area that could address your concerns with much more experience than I can offer. If not, my only suggestion at this time, is to clip the wings.
Pilgrim geese, in the wild, can and do fly and fly well. However, domestic breeds of geese, while they can and do fly, typically are too heavy for any prolonged flight. Plus, they are not stupid. Why fly away when we have it so good right here. If you do have problems with them flying greater distances than you want (a neighbors property, into a road) then clipping the wing might be the best thing. It could protect them and give you peace of mind. However, if you have issues with ground predators when the ability to manage short flights to get away might save their lives, wing clipping would not be appropriate.

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