How to use the whole animal (waste not want not)

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    I'm sure most of us can agree that it's a shame to waste any part of your bird once you've processed it. But it's likely that we all makes waste sometimes it's hard if you're only doing one bird to make use of one liver or one gizzard. Sometimes it is a daunting task to make use of all the parts we need process many birds. So the idea for this thread was so we could share how we use all of our animal, or come here to ask how other people how they use their whole animal... from cleaning gizzards to using all those feathers, boiling down bones for soup stock, learning to love liver, and peeling feet.
    One thing I'm good at is using the feathers, I do crafts and Flytying and I turned them into my gardens as fertilizer, I'd like to go further and maybe make a blanket if I processing of ducks at once... Apparently it only takes six.
    This is a link to a thread with the instruction to make a queen sized comforter.
    So what to you make use of and how?
    What would you like to know how to use?
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    I use everything, but not to its best use, and nothing really out of the ordinary.

    Like you, I compost feathers. I also compost the intestines.
    I give the heart, lungs, testies, feet to my dogs.
    I freeze the liver to cook later.
    I boil the whole carcass + necks to make soup.
    I give the carcass to the chickens after it's finished boiling.
    Their poop + bedding goes in the compost.
    2 years later that compost is used to grow vegetables and sunflowers that are used to feed the chickens.
    Full circle :) I also use the eggshells to crush and put in their feed, so I don't even waste the eggshells! But I think this is pretty common for all of us.

    With my current batch (they are not cornish) I may keep some feathers for jewelry (earrings mainly) because they have really nice colors.
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  3. hennible

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    I love crafting with roo feathers.

    I'd like to find someone, or when I butcher next year I will do it, to put together photo tutorials of peeling feet and cleaning gizzards.

    Perhaps some craft project how to pics as well.
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    I second feeding egg shells and composting anything you don't use. But I'm lazy when it comes to cleaning the bird, we don't use the head, feathers, blood, feet or intestines for anything useful, other than throwing them in the hot composter.
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    hi :)
  7. hennible

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    Anything you would like to know how to use?
  8. bamadude

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    Jan 26, 2014
    We use chicken livers for bait. My dw eats all the worms...she wont touch a liver though
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    I think I'd like to learn how to use the feathers for something not so much jewerly wise but like pillows or what not

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