How to weigh eggs for humidity.

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    Jan 9, 2013
    I have never done this but I'm thinking maybe i should to help my hatch rate.

    So what do i need to know to do this.

    Are there charts i can see for examples of what to look for?

    How do i weigh HUGE eggs vs small eggs.

    I haven't done this before because i hatch around 200 eggs per hatching.

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    Feb 12, 2013
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    I usually candle not weigh. if the egg under the air cell is too high on day 7 doesn't really matter, but if it was I would reduce water, if it was day 14 I would pay more attention. Too high less water, too low, more water. day 18 if aircell level was too high I would not lockdown until level was right and then expect a late hatch.
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    Nov 16, 2012
    Brinsea has a little chart and basically you draw plots on a line much the eggs should lose, vs their actual weights as you go..and then you weight the eggs and plot your measurements. if they are too light you know to increase the humidity, if they are too heavy then decrease the humidity. just google tracking incubation with egg weight and it should give you some info. I use a kitchen scale for weighing food. Just set it to grams and weigh away. Chart what the egg weighs before incubation and then every few days take them out and weigh them again. They say it's easier to way all the eggs you are hatching at once and then just weigh them all at once each time and then you will see what they are losing as a whole as opposed to what each egg has lost or what if you planning to incubate a dozen eggs then take the weight of the dozen each time. You will get the same results easier to chart and understand...I get curious as to what my eggs weigh sometimes so I have been known to weigh them all separately.

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