How to win hens and influence peeps with EGG INCONTINENCE......


6 Years
May 3, 2013

Mrs. Swanson is the ever so bi polar boss of my tiny 3 hen flock. Yesterday, I watched out the window as she and her heir apparent (la Wheese the barred rock) stood behind my dear rescue girl Daisy (Americauna) while she produced a wonderful snack for them! At first it looked as if they were helping to groom her fluffy butt feathers..but nope. Apparently Daisy is incontinent of gushy rubbery little eggs which are so soft, they plop out without her aware of the act. I had found one on the ground near the coop, and thought it might odd a few days ago.She has been hanging out in the box, laying goopy excuses for eggs for some time now. Yogurt, meal worms, sardines with bones, tapioca all the oyster shells she could want..and still..the poor little darling has not lain a solid enough egg for 6 weeks. With such a tiny flock, I clearly am not in it for the eggs alone. I have 3 sons and completely adore my "daughters" ..
My question, in addition to *** is could it be that she found a way to be popular? by providing such lovely snacks for her friends?
YES I AM KIDDING.. but ..anyone else have a clue to how I can help her with her EGGY INCONTINENCE.
  • I use DE for worming and mite/lice control everybody looks and seems very healthy and happy
  • I use deep litter with lots of DE for their luxurious coop.
  • I feed with organic layer feed..with green leafy treats and daily portion of meal worms in the morning.
  • They free range in my city front yard..all day. ( THE destination yard on the block with all the little ones)
  • Only Mrs Swanson is egg every other day..La Wheese, I believe is old and has stopped laying. THANKS to the store that sold me this old girl..her eggs last summer were so big they didnt fit in any Its my theory Looney Tunes says..THATS ALL FOLKS!

Shes a darling barred rock with more personality than my last two husbands so who cares about the cant buy THAT.

Im wondering if I may end up on "MY STRANGE OBSESSION" with some hideious video of me kissing them on their beaks..I DO want to paint their toenails and put stud earrings on Mrs. Swansons adorable big fat ears!!

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