How well will they get along?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by Chicks R Friends NOT Food, Aug 9, 2009.

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    Semi-new to turkeys. I've had them for a few months, but I'm worried about how toms will get along. I started with 2 BB Bronze which turned out to be a tom and a hen.

    Then my mom just had to get 2 more from the feedstore. One Standard Bronze, and one Naraganssett. I suspect the Bronze to be a tom, and I'm not sure of the other.

    They're a lot younger, and so far getting along well with the older ones. I'm just worried how well 2 toms and 2 hens, or 3 toms and one hen will get along.

    From what I've read, they aren't as agressive as roosters, but should I be worried anyway? Sorry this was so long...
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    i have 5 males with 11 females and have never had any problems, i sometimes also keep chickens with them, they aren't bothered by theese either, not even the cockrels.
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    If you have much sparring it will probably be most pronounced when they're working out their pecking order and during breeding season.

    A larger run with places to hide (straw bales for example) and/or roosts to fly up to help somewhat (can get away if they want to). However, if they want to get into it they'll seek one another out from across several acres.

    Keeping the hen(s) in a separate area can help cut down on sparring (somewhat).

    Our remaining two toms were 4yr. old in June (RP and Slate), other than an occasional kick from the Slate to remind the Royal of his place there isn't much fighting. The Slate hen will also get in on picking on the low tom on the totem pole from time to time.

    90%+ of the time they've gotten along fine (the other 10% a bit of pine tar on the head and caruncles slows down the sparring).
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    May 23, 2008
    I have a chance to get in a trade with another person 2 year old Royal Palm hens and three royal palm poults which are thee months old(not the hens but from another brood) but need to know your thoughts on if i should put them together in the same large pen.
    I was thinking on making a small cave for the poults out of some straw bales so they could go hide if needed.
    any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.
  5. At 3 months old vs 2 year old hens that could end up bad if you can't watch them very closely. There is a huge size difference there. Hens will go after young poults if they aren't theirs. I would keep them seperated at least for another month.

    Steve in NC

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