How wide is to wide for roosts?

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May 22, 2009
My pullets are roosting on a shelf for now, but they are getting too big for them all to fit. We have to redo our current roost b/c I don't think its high enough. Since we have to tear it apart any way, I was thinking that maybe we could use a 8-10" wide board, seeing as they seem to enjoy the flat surface. And this way I could scoop the poop off in the morning, which I do now anyway

Can any one tell me a reason why this wouldn't work for, i.e., health reasons, sanitary conditions?

Probably one of the best roosting perches are simply branches trimmed from trees.
Barring that it's easy to take a store bought 2x4, miter or round off the top two corners on the thick flat side at about a 45 degree angle and paint it white or any color. The paint seals the wood making it harder for mites to find a place to hide.
Hen's feet are designed by nature to grasp a perch when they squat down, it's kind of an automatic function. I don't think they mind a flat surface but personally I think a perch is better, just a hunch though.
A perch allows the poop to drop on the coop floor, on a flat surface, the poop lays there and they will get it on feathers, feet and anything else.
Ours roost on the tops of our nest boxes. I keep a good layer of sawdust on it and scoop poop daily. This way they can hunker down over their feet and keep warmer in the winter- we get very cold and there is no electricity in the coop for warming them. We also put hay bales on the floor for them to huddle into to conserve warmth. So far so good in two winters.
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We have some really neat branches and limbs throughout our flocks enclosed yard and in their coop. All were found while hiking or driving through the mountains. Once changed from the dowels to the various size branches, no one goes into the nesting boxes now except to lay................ Which is really wonderful, saves me so much time. Nice to have a considerate flock in that department. The various sizes also allows the flock to decide which size branch is most comfortable at that moment.
I've read that chickens feet, unlike other birds, aren't really designed to grasp a perch well. I have branches in their runs and they seem fine with them but i do have 2x4 perches in the coop for sleep. I agree that the 2x4's make it easier for them to keep warm in cold weather.
Good points! It does get cold here and I was thinking "how to keep the feet warm". My DH brought home a crate that mahogoney is shipped in, its made out of scrap mahogoney and it has various size boards. We have used it for all kinds of things, including roosts in our other hen hut.

DH was asking about chickens feet also, I don't think they need to "lock" their feet around a branch like wild birds do, hence the roosting on the shelf.

I think I may try to find a smaller width board that will work, thx!
I read that in cold climates it is good to have roosts that are flat so they can fully extend the toes and keep them warm under the feathers when they sit down on the roost. A 2 x 4 works great for my golden comets.
I think I'll use a 2x4 and put a poop board underneath. Its certainly not the most pleasant job in the world but it does cut down on smell and the need to change the bedding out as often.

I've discovered the beauty of vinyl flooring squares too, easy cleaning
and the easier the better!

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