How would you layout this hen house?

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    The ceiling height on the wall with the door is 77" and 61 1/2" at the opposite wall.

    How would you lay this hen house out?

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    I personally would leave a small area where I can get in but the chickens can't get out. If it's large enough to keep all feed in the small area I would do that as well. Then make an acess door to the eggs.
    It need to be easy to clean too. Keep food and water away from roosts if not on opposite sides. Any doors to the outside you may want to keep away from the direction the winds usually blow too.

    It's really what you want, just keep poo and food away from each other really. Roosts about 1.5 + ft. high or more, and nests away from most of the activity if possible.
  3. Do you mean that there should be an area that they don't have access to so that I can enter without them being able to get out of the man door?

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