Howdy, CT chicken boy here, with fisher cat problem!


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Mar 2, 2010
Signing up cause i have a phew chickens and its a fun hobby raising/breeding them. I live in south eastern CT, and i'm currently having a problem with a fisher cat, AGAIN
last time it took about 30 baby chicks that JUST got released into the big coop with the big hens and rooster, but i went outside today to check on them and patch a hole in the fence they keep escaping through and tearing up the yard, and i counted them all and i counted 4 barred rocks, 4 rhodies, and 1.. 2..
2... black australorps, and i HAD 4, and theres a bunch of feather behind the coop same spot as last time. Last time i sat on the porch with the 22 rifle, and set up 2 box traps, 1 with a chicken that it killed and left, another with old rancid chicken meat, and then a foot trap with a peice of chicken wired to a near by tree, o then day after i set the traps i went to check the foot trap and the ground was all dug up and the trap was set, but no fisher. I assumed he bleed out or something but i lost 2 today, can't find any trace of it, must have caught him in the act or something. Any suggestions on how catch this evil creature.


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Welcome to BYC. Sorry about your birds but losing chickens to predators is often part of raising chickens, especially if you live in the country.

My first bit of advice is to go to the index, look at the predators and pests section, read the sticky. Then google your state game laws and make sure you aren't breaking any laws pertaining to shooting and trapping fishers. Somewhere along the line you might want to edit your post about your intentions to shoot and trap. Those things are quick and easy, that's why I mention doing them first.

The real issue isn't getting rid of the fisher, it is protection your chickens so fishers and other predators can't get to them. Check out the learning center and explore the threads, you might even want to try the search feature although sometimes you don't have an easy time finding what you are looking for.

Fishers aren't evil. Evil is not inherent in animals other than humans. It is doing what it's instincts dictate, finding a meal.


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Sep 16, 2008
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Excellent post dacjohns. Here in Mass. fischer's are protected. You can't shoot, trap or relocate them. You can however remove their food source. I had one living in my barn (before chickens) that used to go out every night hunting. The more active we became in the barn and less he liked it. Eventually he moved on. They are vicious predators. They will take a small dog off a leash right next to you if they can.

Around here we have every type of critter coming into the yard at night. Just a few weeks ago I lost two silkies to a rat. So, the best defense is to make your coop and run fort knox. There are some excellent suggestions on this forum.

Good luck with your chicks.

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