Howdy! from Indianapolis IN.


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7 Years
May 21, 2012
I live in downtown Indy with my wife and three boys. We recently decided we'd like to try our hand at raising chickens. We hope our kids will learn more about the process of putting food on the table.
Today I'm taking a drive to a nearby town to pick up some baby chicks. I'll build a chicken coop while they are still in the brooder. I've read through most of the chickens for dummies book, so hopefully we'll be able to handle it.
Would love to hear from anyone else in the Indy area.
Welcome to BYC! We're glad you joined
Hello and welcome to BYC! Glad you joined us!
Well, I went out for 6 chickens and came back with 9. My wife says I owe her...... I'm used to it.
Here is a quick video clip
Anybody know how I can tell the ISA Browns apart from the Rhode Island Reds?

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