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Dec 8, 2018
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Hello, everyone! Over the years, I’ve found that so many of my search engine, poultry raising questions lead me to this forum with answers, so, I realized that it’s time to join! At this point, I know that I also could be of help to others less experienced than me, and so I can return the favor, too!
I began hen keeping by serendipity, when an escapee from a nearby farm literally crossed the road, and brought herself to my apartment back door! After days of leaving notes at the house of the farmer to no avail, I contacted a farm animal sanctuary, as I wouldn’t be allowed to keep a chicken in my apartment. Only one problem: I fell in love with the hen I had already named Frida! My dreams of being an urban farmer in the future, by necessity had to become the present! I soon found a house, and through the help of hen keeping friends, gave Queen Frida some sisters. The rest, as they say, is history :love
I’ve been a hen keeper for almost 8 years, and my current, small flock includes a rescued tom turkey, and 3 ex-battery hens, as well as 4 other, heritage breed girls. All of my girls come to me as adults needing new homes, and they’re here for all their natural lives. No one gets eaten! One of the pix I’ve posted is a before & after of Rosasharn, Mavis & Jubilee - the 3 “spent” battery girls. The top portion shows them the day I brought them home, and the bottom is them very recently. They are Leghorns. My other current girls are Yasmine (Blue Wheaten Ameraucana), Opal (Ameraucana x Pendesenca), Zissel (Black Copper Maran), and Layla (Bielefelder). I’ve had other Bielefelders, a Lavender Coronation Sussex, a Black Jersey Giant, a Cream Legbar, a Minorca x Pendesenca (who was spotted like a Dalmatian dog!), a Barred Plymouth Rock, and a Buff Orpington over these years.
Although, my flock shall always consist of adult hens needing homes - and I know that will include more ex-battery girls - I do have favorite breeds that I’ve enjoyed having over the years: Jersey Giant, Bielefelder, Ameraucana, Sussex, Cream Legbar, and Maran. Also, living with my tom Ezra, has been a joy!

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