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May 6, 2015
Bartlesville, OK
Well, almost...we have our chickens on order and we pick them up June 4th.

Almost finished with the coop and will post some pics...approximately 8 X 8. I built a nesting box opening and a poop tray with opening into the coop and have my automagic door opener / closer on order.

I have not started the run yet but have it drawn up with materials list, cuts, etc. I am building the run from 2X2 square steel tubing in sections and bolting the sections together for a 14X16' size with an "air lock" double entry and wrapping in 6' chain link with aviary netting over the top. Why? We might be moving soon and I wanted to be able to disassemble and move with, I have always enjoyed working with metal and welding. After working on this coop for several weeks wood seems so hard to work with! LOL! I know most of you will say metal is harder...just what you are used to I suppose.

We have never had chickens before but have ordered the following:
Black Australorp - 4
Buff Orpington - 4
Golden Buff / Golden Comet - 4
Easter Egger - 3
Silkies - 4

We are going to pick up the chickens in person and just can't wait.

We have been planning this for 6 months now and I have read several books and lurked on the forum for a while...I try to preface any posts with "I don't really know what I am talking about but have read..." Please don't hesitate to correct my book knowledge with real world experience.

So nervous to get the babies...worried something will go wrong. I built the brooder with 40 sq ft and have a sweeter heater, water, food, electrolytes, ACV, pine shavings, etc. I think I have everything set and ready but be ready for a nervous family making urgent posts when they arrive and I encounter any issues...I thank you now for your help!

Oh, I also built and automatic waterer from a 5 gallon bucket, nipples and this valve and a fitting to connect to garden hose. Pretty easy to setup and I will try and put together a "how to" once I have everything completed (coop, run).

Thanks again and sorry for the long post.

Edit, sorry, I missed a few things on the template:

Other pets: 3 dogs (German Shepherd, Cairn Terrier, Yorky-Pooh), 2 cats, 1 rabbit (Holland Lop), 1 Donkey and 1 miniature horse! Phew...

Hobbies: I am an IT Project Manager with 3 daughters and an amazingly understanding wife! We do all kinds of hobbies, competitive shooting (IDPA, 3 Gun, etc.), ATV's - we have a section of sand dunes in Oklahoma called Little Sahara (check it out, way cool), hiking / camping, working out, geocaching, tinkering with just about everything. My wife says I have serious "Tim the Toolman" complex.
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Welcome to BYC! Please make yourself at home and we are here to help.

Sounds like you are doing things right! You have all the supplies you will need for now. It's very normal to feel excited and nervous at the same time. I remember feeling the same way. Who would think that such little creatures could cause so much worry?! LOL But it won't be too hard. And you have come to the right place to find out info and ask questions. You should check out these links. They are very helpful!

Just a word of advice, don't use ACV and electrolytes at the same time in the water.

You've picked some great breeds to start with! You'll really enjoy them! Good luck!
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You sound totally prepared for the onslaught of tiny chicks. Honestly they can't be as scary as being pregnant for 9 mos. Chicks would be full grown way before that.

just Keep calm and believe in BYC. We've got your back.

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