Howdy Y'all! New BYCer in MO

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by chickNpink, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. chickNpink

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    May 19, 2009
    My name is Beverly - my intials are BYC [​IMG] - and I live in MO. I have been married to my "kinght in shining armour" for almost 17 yrs.[​IMG] We have 1 son, 12 years old. We have 2 English Bulldogs, Claire & Turbo. Right now we have no chickens.

    I've dreamed of having chickens for a LONG time. I decided after the 1st of the year that, come spring, I'd turn those dreams into reality. Well, in March we lost our home & belongings to a fire. [​IMG] We've had to rebuild and it's almost time to go home!![​IMG]

    I've been a member on BYC since May. I've been a little busy with the house & all, so I haven't posted or been on much. Since we're almost ready to move back in, I thought I better start doing some research & such. [​IMG]

    I have decided on the perfect place for my girls. [​IMG] I have not decided if I should start with eggs, chicks, pullets or mature girls. Then I need to decide on which breed(s). I've been checking my local CL & have a few varieties to consider. I know that I need to start with "beginner friendly" girls!. I also need to choose a coop design. I've looked at so many......decisions, decisions, decisions![​IMG] I'm w/i city limits, so I'm goin' small-scale.

    Any advice or suggestions are happily welcomed & greatly appreciated!! [​IMG]

    Thanks for taking the time to read my novel!!
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    Jun 29, 2009
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    [​IMG]: yiipchick: clap
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  3. LegHorn-BusHorn

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    May 25, 2009
    Near STL mo
    [​IMG] You have come to the right place, you will find all you need to know here. Or just ask. Hope all is going well.
  4. al6517

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    May 13, 2008
  5. Imp

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    [​IMG] from Wshington

    Good luck with all your planning. Anticipation is great.

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    Aug 5, 2009
    Middleton, WI
    [​IMG] from WI
  7. chickNpink

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    May 19, 2009
    Thanks for all the warm welcomes!! I can't wait to get started!!
  8. M To The Maxx

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    Jul 24, 2009
  9. Kansaseq

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    Feb 12, 2009
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    Welcome from a 'neighbor'. I live down South, but work up in OP. There are lots of chickens for sale on CL in the KC area, probably more so in the spring. Also, Gardner just had their fall HOAGBA auction, but they will have another one in the spring. A friend went and they had tons of birds for sale. So you really have your choice of eggs,chicks, or adults. Good luck!
  10. pringle

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    Apr 16, 2009

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