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Jan 13, 2021
Hello! I'm so glad to be joining the community! I live in south Texas, and have a tiny flock of 6 chickens...4 hens (3 NHR & 1EE), and 2 roos (both EE). The 3 EE's were given to me as chicks, and I was told they were hens... But I'm ok with having the roos. Although there is clearly an alpha, they are polite to each other, only wrestling every now and then, and never seriously. The hens are more aggressive than they are! Only one bothers to crow, but he does do it at strange times, as well as when he wants treats or my I also have 7 Rouen ducks that are I got them as ducklings at the same time I got the chicks. They love the chickens and the chickens love them... It's cute, if not strange. Anywho... I'm looking forward to learning more about raising my flock. In particular, I'm interested in fermenting their feed, and also what to do to promote the hens to go broody. Thanks!

*Photo is of Gilbert, the alpha roo, and my favorite of the flock. He gets very offended if I dare go outside w/o special treats just for him.


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