Huddle Boxes?

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  1. VA from WV

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    Sep 26, 2009
    Eastern Pandhandle WV
    Can someone direct me to some pictures of huddle boxes?

    For the most part, cold should not be a big issue for my birds, but in Jan/Feb, it can get to single digits here and I know that getting the birds into a space that is the correct volume to keep them warm will prevent a LOT of frostbite.

    My big and ongoing question is how much volume is required per bird?
  2. nature nut

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    Aug 3, 2009
    Southeast Louisiana
    Never heard of huddle boxes. Are you looking for a shelter for your free rangers during the day to help them keep warm? If you need to know coop size it would be at least 4 square feet of floor space per bird inside. As for frostbite prevention, I've read on different threads that the most important thing is to keep the coop free from drafts but to make sure there is ventilation up at the roof line to decrease the interior humidity and to prevent the buildup of ammonia in the coop. If the humidity is high in your coop they can get frostbite at higher temps than they normally would. To prevent frostbite on toes use a 2 x 4 with rounded edges for your roost pole and they can sit down on their feet to keep them warm. There is a good resource about ventilation on here just search ventilation and you'll find it.

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