Huge mat in her tail? Help :/


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Jan 4, 2010
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Hey guys,
I've started riding again, however the mare I'll be working with/caring for (who will be my total responaby) Has been a pasture horse for about 4-5 years. I went out today to see which of my uncle's horse's is the best for riding and once I found her I went back to the barn and got a brush. Her coat wasn't horrable, No rain rot, just alot of lather matts. I got her mane brushed out (easy) And went to her tail... It's a cylander of a mat, her whole tail aside from about 5' on the top and about 7' on the bottem and a few outer hairs, is matted. I need to get the mat out somehow... We;re not the closest pair but she trusts me quite a bit. I don't need to save alot of the tail, enough for her to swat flies, but cutting is a last resort. I need low $ ways to do this
thanks all,
Cowboy Magic Detangler or an old farmers cure WD40. I have used both of course the cowboy magic smells much better. Soak tail, let it stay overnight and get a wide tooth comb and start at the bottom. Take your time and I am betting you can save most of it. Done it hundreds of times on broodmares and rescues.
A few years ago I heard of somebody who had a very similar problem. Her husband told her to try WD40 before buying any fancy de-tanglers. It worked great!
I've never really worked with horsed, but I have been a dog groomer since 2004. There are some dematting sprays that may help you out. Depending on how close it is to the skin, you could try something like thinning shears, or maybe even a clipper to clip it off, which in the long run will probably be better for the skin than having the mat there, as I've shaved dogs where I have found maggots and rotting skin under their matted hair.
Cowboy Magic is a bit pricey but totally worth it and a little bit goes a long ways. WD40 is cheap and easy to get but Ive seen some horses break out in hives with it.

I would try washing the mat with shampoo to get as much dirt and debris out then apply the cowboy magic. Work it in the best you can and try to pull loose and stray hairs by hand. It is a little time consuming but its amazing how much more tail you'll be able to save. Once you've got it detangled the cowboy magic can be left in and i would keep the tail braided for a few days to hold the moisture from the conditioner

Good luck.

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