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I had purchased 8 chicks at the beginning of the summer. Out of those, 6 turned out to be roosters. I did everything I could to try and socialize the roosters so that they would be people friendly. I had to separate them from the two hens as they were starting to fight with each other more and were beginning to hurt the hens. They are now in a portable coop that is already quite small for them. I had intended for them to free range during the day but they refuse to return to the coop on their own and cannot be picked up. Whenever we try to pick them up, they screech and try to bite and scratch. Several times before, they have flown up in my face when I walk near them. They can't be allowed out of the small coop, they're pooping all in their food and It smells even though I clean it once a week. Also, their nails are getting long and I really can't clip them. They are about 13 week old rirs and the largest two weigh about 4 pounds each. The others are considerably smaller. We have resigned ourselves to the fact that they really need to be slaughtered because we can't keep these mean chickens around. So I guess my question is, when is the earliest that we can slaughter them and still get meat from them. Also what is the safest way for both the human and the chicken when slaughtering. Thanks!
What type of chicken? Usually five to six months is their best time to slaughter. Slitting their throat is the easiest way for me.

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You might have a poultry processing plant available; ask around, check the ads at the feed stores,etc. We pay $3 each and pick up dressed shrinkwrapped birds; it's wonderful! In general, trying to handle cockrels will backfire because you really want them to move away and respect your space, not come in closer. I've had bold 'friendly' cockrels turn into human aggressive adults so now I favor the boys who hang back and not try to get close. RIRs have a reputation for being aggressive; mine from a hatchery really were! I like my meat birds larger at slaughter, but yours will need more space and less handling until then. No nail trims
. Mary
18-20 weeks is average for dual purpose breeds. Check out the meat bird section, lots of info and links to some good videos. Also some good pictures of carcasses so you can see what your birds will look like--not at all like a store bought bird!
if you don,t want to kill them let them free range or build them a really large run conected to your chicken house , they will quit being mean . agression comes from to small of area , they turn mean from bordem . my run is 8 x 26 with awooden roof and every mean rooster i put in it calms down and so do my 20 hens . love and peace WV LEIPERS

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