humidaire 2000 incubator & hatcher


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Aug 18, 2010
Western KS
I found a humidaire 2000 incubator and hatcher for sale at auction, anyone have pictures, specifications, prices, or input on if they are worth even buying. I do know that they are no longer being made so parts might be hard to come by. The biggest question for me is how many eggs would it hold because I don't have a use for a huge bator. Thanks! Brian
From doing a little search on Google, the 2000 model looks like it is for industrial hatching. Are you sure it is the 2000 model and not like the 20 model?
yes the sale bill I seen said that they were the 2000 model, sunny creek farms showed a picture and they looked rather big. That was all i could find about them.
On the website I found the information on, it didn't say how many eggs at a time but it looked like hundreds to me if not more. The pictures looked like you could walk into the unit. Probably not what you are looking for unless you are a hatchery!

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