Humidaire Model 21H Hatcher

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    The hatching season is here and so is a magnificent machine! Here we have a Humidaire Model 21H hatcher, the “H” in the model number distinguishing it as the hatcher that it is. It does not have an automatic turner, or any sort of turner, as this machine is strictly built to hatch eggs, and it has done that job very well for me. It has been used to hatch Call duck eggs and is for sale only because I am down to 4 varieties from 14 and do not need as many machines as I currently have. My loss is your gain!

    You certainly don’t see many of these up for sale because people hang onto them forever!
    These machines are highly sought after because of their ability to hold humidity well and their ability to give the user good control over humidity. They are also built out of good solid redwood. This machine has been modified from the original two drawers to four smaller drawers so that it can hold more eggs and so the little peepers can’t climb or jump out of their drawers. It also allows you to better separate out eggs from different varieties/breedings. The drawers have been installed on rolling drawer tracks so that they slide out easily for access to the peepers without falling out, as they can if they are only mounted on wooden slide tracks. Ease of use and safety for my birds is very important to me.

    This machine has been run this season and held good temperature and humidity, and it is CLEAN, being hand cleaned by me after it was last used, something you don’t run into often with a used incubator/hatcher these days! Cleaned inside, up behind the fan, the works. I would recommend just a quick wipe down with the incubator cleaner of your choice, as it has been sitting for a couple of months (since October) before you make ready to hatch.

    Dimensions of this machine are: 34Hx22Wx20D. Drawer inside dimensions are 17 3/4" across the front, 12" front to back and 3 1/4" deep. The tray pictured holds 48 eggs, so there is still room for a partial tray of eggs in each drawer if you like. I have hatched all of my eggs on their sides so have never filled any trays, I have only done small hatches.

    I also have four handmade wooden bantam show boxes for sale, which are the five-hole size, as well as at least six breeding pens with built-in nest boxes. $30 each on the carrying boxes and $50 each on the breeding pens. The carrying boxes were purchased from a vendor at the Ohio National Poultry Show and built by him, the breeding pens are my husband's design and were handmade by him.

    Local pickup only, cash and carry. I am in Wilmington, Illinois, south of the Joliet area.
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    Is this still available? Where are you located?

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