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    What temp and humidity should I keep for newly hatched chciks same as eggs? What about mixed with newborn and eggs unhatched?
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    After they have hatched and go into the brooder I don't worry about the humidity any more. Now it time for food and water. Let the fun begin.
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    If they are still in the bator or hatcher and you still have some unhatched eggs in there with them, try to keep the temp and humidity at the same level as when they first started hatching (50-60% and 99.5 for forced air). Once they dry off, you can go fast and furious (but gently) and snag 'em out of there and move them to the brooder.

    If you have moved them from the hatcher and placed them into the brooder, keep the brooder around 95 deg F for about a week and then start dropping it down. The suggested drop rate is 5deg per week. At this point, humidity is no longer a factor providing there is some air flow in the brooder to keep it the same as the ambient air.
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    Nov 15, 2011
    Once the chick hatches, it needs to stay inside the incubator until it is completely dry.
    The temp. and humidity inside the incubator should not be messed with.

    Once the chick is dry, it should be put into a brooder with a heat lamp. It should be
    95 degrees F underneath the lamp, and the chicks should be able to get
    away from the heat if needed. I'd recommend getting a long brooder, so that the
    heat lamp will be able to be placed on one side of the brooder, and the other side
    will be an erea for the chicks to cool off if they get to warm. If the chicks start

    panting, or moving to the far corners away from the light, they're to hot and you
    should either raise the lamp or put a lower wattage bulb in. If the chicks are piling
    ontop of one another, and not being very active, they're most likely to cold and
    you'll need to either lower the lamp or put a higher wattage bulb in.

    You'll need to drop 5-10 degrees every week. Humidity
    isn't an issue once the chicks are inside the brooder. Once the chicks are fully
    feathered, they'll be ready to drop the light.

    The chicks will not hurt the unhatched eggs, if that was your last question. Being
    rolled and kicked around like a football actually 'wakes' the unhatched chicks

    Have fun [​IMG]
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    Thanks everyone I haven't been this nervous since our daughter was born!

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