Humidity crisis


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Apr 15, 2017
Hello this is my first time hatching eggs and I'm super nervous because I bought a magic fly auto Turner and the humidity checker. No matter what I have done the humidity is constantly at like 70. It's changes when I got ouside or leave it in the bedroom but it's always at 70 in the incubator with no water, a little water, or a lot of water. I'm really terrified lol. It's at 79 not and I'm really worried can someone please help asap?


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Well now I'm son fused because I checked it an hour later and now it's at 53. Maybe I didn't give it long enough?
Update. I just checked again it's now 10:27 pm. I have to go to sleep for work within the next hour but now the incubator is fogged up and at 88 pecent humidity with only a tablespoon of water in it

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