Humidity (IN %) for turkey eggs

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    Can anyone tell me what the humidity should be for incubating turkey eggs? I keep coming across wet bulb temperatures for humidity and even though I have a conversion chart, I am given 85° - 100° an that just doesn't make sense to me. That would be between 56% and about 87%RH. That just seems like too wide of a range to me.

    I would appreciate your help as I just set my first turkey eggs.

    Thank you,
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  2. I don't *think* it would be any different than chicken eggs.
    The humidity that works here for chicken eggs is 45% during incubation and 65% for the last 3 days.

    That's just a shot in the dark, tho --- all the turkeys I've hatched have been 'broody-hen-hatched'.
    Good luck with your eggs. I have one Royal Palm poult in the brooder and 6 more RP eggs under a hen. Gosh, they are cute [​IMG]

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    Awww, I wanna see the baby turkeys!! I think the humidity sounds about right, mostly the same for chickens.....I may be wrong...I have never hatched turkeys and this is my first hatch with chickens...and one is coming out now!

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