Humidity levels... can anybody help


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Oct 2, 2009
Im getting the brinsea mini advance incubator and a super small hygrometer that fits inside, i need to know what to have the humidity level % at. Ive ordered storey's guide to raising ducks but the thing is my eggs and incubator will arrive before the book does! so what is the right % of humidity?

Il be incubating indian runner eggs if that helps...
Your incubator comes with a manual that will instruct you to the proper humidity levels, so don't worry.

I keep the Storey's guide (the big one) next to my laptop (all using a wet-bulb thermometer for temps/hygrometer) which offers the following indications with lots of caveats to the incubation manual:
82-85 degrees - 55% humidity
85-88 degrees for freshly washed eggs prior to incubation - 65% humidity
92-94 degrees the last three days of incubation - 75% humidity

Good luck!
yeah ive read that the humidity should be 55% for first 25 days, but iv also read that it should be 85%! ive ordered the book that you have but it hasnt arrived yet, it will be here soon
The majority of websites say the humidity should be at 86% for first 25 days then 94% for last 3 days so i think thats what il go with, would that be OK? but maybe thats for when people are hatching loads, my incubator only fits 7 eggs! so what should i do, go for the 86% then 94% for final days???
i need to know quickly lol my incubator will be here tomorrow and i need to make the conditions in the incubator stable before i uncubate the eggs (which is on friday) can somebody plz help! i will incubating 6 eggs, but as i can only hatch 2, im going to choose the "best" 2 out of the 6, the ones that look most healthy when i candle them, so on the 8th day i will only have 2 eggs but until then i will have 6, help plz!
Personally, if there's a question, I always trust Holderread. He knows his stuff. On the other hand, every situation is different. Try what makes sense to you, and keep records. If your hatch is satisfactory, great. If not, tweak things here and there until you get it how it works for you.

Good luck & have fun!

P.S. I run mine around 55% for the first 25 days, then I get it just as high as I possibly can.
I shoot for 58-60% and then to 65% last 3 days during lockdown. I would go ahead and hatch as many as you can... too often a duckling dies in later stages of development or upon pipping... you can give any extras away if more than 2 or all of them hatch.
You really should keep more than two eggs in there, especially since this is your first time. My first incubation was 24 silkie eggs, and only two hatched. There are so many things that can happen at different stages of incubation, and I'm just worried you are going to end up with only one duckling, or no ducklings, and get very discouraged.
yeah i think il do that, then il have to find a home for 4 ducklings if they all hatch!

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