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I've been having my 2cd batch humidity levels between 53-70%, is that ok? Consider one of the eggs already has a dent in it so I've been trying to keep the humidity level more closer to 65-70%, is this to much and to soon before lock down? Simply because of that egg in the 2cd batch having the dent even though it is covered with wax. That one is my sons so I'm definitely trying to keep that one alive. I'm thinking of putting the humidity level at lock down at 85%. Also, I'm reluctant on putting this 2cd batch from the Genesis into the Hova Bator once the egg turner is removed because I was having a hard time keeping the heat consistant where I wanted it to be, and the humidity. Otherwise I won't put this batch into lock down until day 27 instead of 26 unless they pip early.
Okay, first was does "2cd" mean? As far as humidity, really there is no way we can answer that. It depends on so many factors including your incubator, the relative humidity in your area, the porosity of the eggs, your altitude, whether they have been washed or not, and probably other factors. On average we incubate our duck eggs at about 40%-45% if they haven't been washed. If they have been, we shoot for closer to 50%-sometimes up to 55%.

The most important thing to monitor is air cell size. You want the egg to lose enough moisture that about 30% is air cell going into hatch. Once in the hatcher (which definitely can be the same incubator), we try for 75%-85%. We move them to the hatcher as soon as we see internal pip, which is almost always the same day (about day 24 for our bantam breeds on up to about day 27 for Runners). Again, it varies though. These are the levels we have very successfully hatched ducks at for about the last 25 years.

The biggest killer of ducklings is humans. Some people are FAR too quick to intervene. There is a reason that we called it "lock down". You have to sit on your hands and resist the urge to constantly check the eggs. That causes more hatch losses than anything. I do see people on this board frequently intervene or recommend intervening and I think for the most part that is awful advice. Very few "old timers" will intervene with hatches.
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Thank you, I am from Michigan and I have no idea really what our humidity levels are at this time of year, probably I'm guessing..... I have no idea it varies. Like right now it's 93% humidity outside. Who knows what that means other then moisture in the air. The 2cd batch is the eggs I pulled a week later from momma, she has laid a total of 30 eggs and only 14, well now that I lost one, 13 eggs out of them so far are viable. But she is sitting on 8 outside, and I have 5 indoors in the Genesis incubator. The air sac is very nice size, no complaints there. But the breeds of ducks that are attempting hatch is Rouen/Runner mix.
LOL, I still have no idea what you mean by "2cd". Our Runners typically take 30 days to hatch, sometimes even 31. 91% humidity? WOW. I would think at that level outside, you could run your incubator totally dry. I am assuming by what you are saying you have candled the eggs under the hen? Again, that is almost unheard of among experience breeders. I would imagine most of our broody ducks would not take well to that and it might even drive them off the nest (of course, I'm sure it depends on how safe the broody feels and how comfortable she is with human contact).

Good luck! With that many eggs, you should almost certainly have some success.
Ok, the 1st batch was of 12 eggs, only 1 was viable, 2 broke, and 9 were duds, so 9+2+1=12, so only 1 out of 12 was good up until it died in the shell during the time it was due to hatch, I heard it peep Friday, thought we were good, went out of town for 24hrs no change in the egg, no sounds, no rocking, nothing. So I did candle it, and it felt cooler then typical and when I took it out, it cooled rather quickly, when I candled it, that is when I noticed the air sac wasn't right, and my gut told me it was dead and to open it. So I did, and that is when I saw the deformities on the duckling, if you look at my other thread I posted a link with pictures. Well, the 2cd batch is the batch momma was still laying, and so I grabbed 9 more and left her 2, well she added to those 2 and she laid 9 more, so she had 11 eggs, so I let her to see how she would do, which is batch 3, pretty much they are all th same batch, but taken at different times, but I left her the 3 to see if she would go broody and so on, and after she got to 11 eggs she did, so the 2cd batch was what I grabbed a week later, are you following me now? LOL! Well I candled the 2cd batch and only 5 were viable. I did also got to candle the eggs momma is sitting on when she took a break and she has 8 viable and 3 duds. WHEW!! That was a mouth full!

It's not hot outside, it's only 56 with humidity of 79% now. These meterologists can't keep it straight!! Or my computer isn't!
no problem funnybunnies, i gotcha covered.

i am in michigan too.
(well, obviously, says so in my avatar)

how was the wildlife rehab? i bet that was exciting and fun!

oh, i see it was a conference, maybe not so much fun.
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It was wonderful, I loved it and the reason I was able to figure out what went wrong was I had to work on Cadavers on a Wound Management Class, it helped with the "Cause & Effect", what caused it what effect it would have and so on where to find the wound, problem. Worked on squirrels to geese, fawns, ect.

What part of Michigan are you from? I'm about 20-30min North of Grand Rapids in Cedar Springs.

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