Humidity on day 18


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Mar 17, 2008
I am on day 18 tommorow everyone talks about upping the humidity but I have no hummidity gage on my bator it has a container at the bottom that you put water in , any suggestions of what to do ?
By the way theese are the eggs that I accidently unplugged the bator all night and they are all still alive

So I really want them to be okay
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Jan 26, 2007
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A wet sponge in the incubator will normally do the trick if you already have all the water trays full.

Hard to give to much detail without knowing what incubator you have.


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Jul 18, 2007
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u should buy a hygrometor to put in there to measure ur humidity level. petstores, walmart, lowes carry them. petstore in the amphibian dept and the others in garden section.

i assume by ur explanation u have a foam bator? first 18 days only be useing the inner water holder if i remember right and both inner and outer one should be kept filled on the last 3 days.

if u had a hygrometor i could tell u percentage to keep it at but without one u don't know if it is to high or to low to know how to adjust it properly. keep both filled if it evaperates to quick add a new rinsed sponge wet but not to much wet. soon as first pip starts open one of the red plugs as they start to hatch open the other one to keep humidity from going to high. once they start hatching it goes up quick.

if chicks r really wet (soaked looking)take sponge out to decrease humidity. if they r sticky (like sticky to touch like glue on them) add another one to up humidity and put a plug back in. i usually do it with pieces of sponge at a time though so that may help u better. if have to reach in for something go through windows on top not open lid to help keep bator regulated as much as possible.
hope that helps,
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