Humidity problem in Florida?


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Apr 25, 2010
Lake Wales, Polk Co. Fl
We are having a dry spell. The humidity had been great and I got up in the morning after the front moved through and it was down to 20%. I added a air pump attached to a air stone and put it in the water dish and the humitity went up to 65%. How can I get it up to the 70% needed at lock down or will this be enough.
I'm on day 8.
I had tryed a sponge during the pre test run and it actually made it dryer. The humidity came up after I removed it. Maybe it was because it was a synthetic foam sponge.

Thanks for your replies. I candled the eggs today and they all look good, embryos are moving. This is my first hatch. I set 19 eggs from my girls. Twice as many as I needed, just in case.....

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