Humidity & room temp - please help!


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Aug 22, 2008
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Hi, I'm setting my 2nd batch of eggs. I have a Hovabator 1588. The first hatch went great. I took a 2 week break. With this set, the humidity is now at 70% and there's no water in the bator yet! How do I bring the humidity down when the room temp humidity is at 67 - 70%? I can't wait to set the eggs until the room humidity drops since the eggs were shipped and will go bad by then. Help!!

Thanks in advance for helping me.
Go ahead and set the eggs when you're ready. It won't hurt them to be at a higher humidity for a day or two. Then you may have to run your AC to get the room humidity down...

You know, I wonder if you could use silicon gel in the bator to do the same thing. You know when you open a new pack of pills or beef jerky or other stuff that's sensitive to moisture, how it always has a little package of something that says, "Do Not Eat"? I think that's called silicon gel, and I know it's in there to absorb moisture and prevent the contents from getting soggy. I wonder if you could purchase it in larger quantities and just place a bowl of it in the bator to bring your humidity down.

Besides that, I don't have a clue. Just that I'm pretty sure it wont' hurt them to be at the higher humidity for a few days while you figure it out.
agree with heather, or you can use silica (that's its name here)

(i think silicon gel is gel use to absorb heat from processor and is pasted between processor and heat sink inside PC).

silica (that's its name here,again) : a *round* looks like a old kind type of bullet and has many colors on it, from blue to red and other. very useful to absorb humidity, usually used inside a box to store camera to prevent those high humidity to make the camera losing it's best ability.

good luck.

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