Humidity spike?


9 Years
Jan 30, 2010
The air around the bator is EXTREMELY dry, so the humidity usually drops a good 10% in 30 seconds. So, when I heard the chicks tap tap taping when I candled (Day 15!) I added some water. I think I might've added too much for a day 15!

It's been at 67% the last hour or so, and I lowered it to 55%, but I don't know how much more I should lower it. :x Will the hour long increase in humidity drown the chicks?
I think you'll be fine since it was such a short time
Good luck with your hatch!
your chicks should be OK. As I was just explaining in another post, my first hatch my humidity spiked to 97% on day 18. I was panicked and sure I had just drowned all of my chicks. I worked the humidity down over a 3 hour period and prayed hard. 3 and 4 days later all the chicks that had developed fully hatched. No drowned chicks.
On day 18 it shouldn't matter. As long as the first 18 days the humidity averages 45% your eggs will evaporate off enough moisture to lower the air cell where the chick can push up and thru the yoke sack. Frequently I loose track when I have 3 bators full, and they'll hatch out without the extra humidity, with the auto turner still going. That happened last spring, I had in 26 eggs and 23 hatched. lolol Boy was I was surprised. lolol
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