Humidity too low!!


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9 Years
Feb 22, 2010
4 of my chick eggs started pipping this morning at 2 am & since then that is as far as they have gotten. Shouldn't they being going faster? They're still chirping and rocking back and forth. At what point should I help them? My humidty stays & around 58% and that's with all my water rings full and 4 sponges soaked. Any ideas on increasing my humidity...think i've tried just bout everything!
Thank u!! 4 of the 6 hatched just fine without any help but 2 of them seemed to have gotten stuck to the membrane & i had to help them out but all 6 chick eggs survived. Started out with 6 eggs and hatched 6 healthy chicks and this includes a 12 hr power outage!

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