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8 Years
May 18, 2011
i have the humidity at 40% is this too low and how can i get it higher i have put water in with a spong thanks
Welcome to BYC! 40-50% is fine for days 1-18

you need to up to around 60-70% at lockdown.
do u have water in the moat in bottom of incubator too????? u might hv to add another wet sponge!! are u using auto turners ??? how many eggs?
If I'm using a brand new incubator would I need to be concerned about humidity at the end? I fill the thing everyday and the temp always stays at 34c
hi yes i have 6 eggs just put them in last night but i cant get the humidity up its 40% at the mo it as gone up 10% sice last night though thanks
i like my humidity @ 50 but i have a big incubator (hovabator) not the little ones that only hold a few eggs.... so if thats what u have then im more than sure your humidity would be fine in the little bators!!! lockdown is when u put them on their sides for the last 3 days before their due date to let them settle and get positioned to hatch! at which time u also up the humidity! hth!

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