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    Sep 3, 2013
    newport souht wales uk
    hello please can some one help me get my head around humidity i set my incubator at 45% for the first18 days then i rase it too 65% for last 3 days arm i doing right ive been told not too rase it till chicks are piping i am getting formed chicks in eggs but dont hatch which way is best please any advice thank you
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    Mar 10, 2010
    Ringoes NJ
    What type of incubator do you have? I have a hovabator with thermostat and fan. I have found that during my spring hatches (in nj we are pretty damp) I get the best results not adding any water. If I add water I get fully formed chicks that often die. I do watch closely, and sometimes have to help if they get too dry. I normally add a very small amount of water(if any) at lockdown. I have found helping dry chicks much more successful then when they are goopy. Good luck!

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