Hurt Chicken


7 Years
Nov 3, 2012
Our hen was attacked and the one side of her face is bloody and her eye is closed. She won't open either of her eyes or her mouth. The rest of her body seems fine except for one side of her head. She has made it thru two nights and we've tried cleaning away the dried blood but its been difficult. She can move around but wobbly and won't open her eyes. She's in our home keeping warm. She even laid and egg last night. She hasn't ate or drank that we know of. We want to help her get better but also want to make sure she isn't suffering. Not sure what else to do.
You need to get fluids in her. If you are unwilling to get them in her you need to end her suffering, or take her to a vet. If you are willing you will need to physically help her. Pick her up gently and wrap her in a towel, just her head exposed, set her in your lap.Physically open her mouth and look inside. Look for damage.If you don't know what you are looking for search the internet for a picture of the inside of a chickens mouth. If you do not see damage, dribble a few drops of water (sugar and ACV added)inside. You can let it dribble off your fingers. Watch her while in your lap. See if it goes in her crop. Gently place her back in the warm spot. Repeat often. If she improves, you will need to start food after 8 hours of observation.

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