Hurt Chickens Foot? HELPP

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    Oct 19, 2015
    I Have a White Lanyard chicken that had bumblefoot on the bottom of her foot. We removed it and healed up nicely...we noticed she had swelling in between her toes and decided to drain them which was filled with infection. We then soaked her foot in epsom salt for 1 week now... the swelling and cut healed on one side of the foot but the other side began to swell even more and create another black scab which looked like bumblefoot on top of her foot. That night i went outside to grab the chicken and notice the scab came off maybe she bit it off i dont know but there was a little blood coming out and a little hole where maybe the kernal was in.. i have been soaking her foot in epsom salt and putting triple antibiotic on it every other night and wrapping it. i took it off last night and it appeared to have a cottage cheese piece at the surface of the swollen abscess. I removed it and begin to soak once more in the salt. The cotton in which i wrapped her foot with was yellow crusty and a bit of green to it but i ripped it off while taking the cast off.. the swelling is still there went down like a tiny bit but not that much... is it infected.. i dodnt see how because ive been wrapping it and keeping it clean? should i cut the swollen part and dig to see if there is a kernal inside? i seen the kernal on top that on day so i wouldnt see why it isnt healing? She also limps and stands on one foot alot. She eats and drinks fine too... HELLPPP?
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    This bumblefoot needs an expert reply! I have no experience with a case this bad! I've only seen it a couple times and am in no position to advise you. I hope roo gets better!
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