Hurt leg!

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    Nov 10, 2009
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    Please help first time any of my girls have gotten injured, not sure what is wrong. Se was limping badly when I went out to feed her, and when I checked her leg she didnt seem bothered, despite me looking at the underside of her foot which usually ticks all of them off.

    I was holding my chook when one of the builders over the fence made a huge, sudden noise and the chook got scared. She pushed off me and fell on her side, and looked like she was fine. But when I came back ten minutes later, she was limping badly and looked like she was in pain; could it have been the fall that did this? She could have also tripped over a rope which is lying around.

    Please, can anyone give anything to tell me what to do? I have her in a small cat cage in my room so that shes not moving and is away from the other girls, and I have put a towel over the cage, and she has stopped talking so I think she may have gone to sleep. I am planning on feeding her some lettuce and rolled oats with water and yogurt in about an hour. I am also going to call the vet, and see what they have to say. Is there anything else I should do?

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